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We established our farm in 2000 for our family to live. We preferred such a life to get away from city life and to allow our children to grow up peacefully in nature. We have continued to live on our farm with our cows, geese, chickens and lambs since then. After a while, we thought that more people should benefit from this unique beauty, so we decided to transform our farm into a Hotel/Farm, Farm/Hotel concept. As a result of our work that lasted for almost 2 years, we built 19 different houses, new areas such as swimming pools, restaurants, spas and Turkish baths. We promise you an unforgettable holiday by the river, where you will feel like you are not staying at a hotel, but at your own farm, where you will experience a unique pleasure.

So why did we call it Dachas Cove Houses? Dachas first appeared on the lands given to the palace during the Tsarist Russia period. While the dachas were mostly owned by aristocrats during the period of Tsarist Russia, artists and intellectuals gained weight during the Soviet Union period. Some artists and wealthy dacha owners preferred to call their dachas a country house. There were dachas of Russian and Ukrainian politicians, high-ranking bureaucrats, high-ranking generals, scientists and important writers, poets and musicians such as Aleksandr Pushkin, Anton Chekhov, Ivan Shishkin, Boris Pasternak, Aleksandr Dovjenko, Sergei Chavain. The existence, location and size of the houses were also accepted as an indicator of the social status of the citizens. Dacha is a detached or complex house, country house, holiday home, summer house, villa, usually located near Russia, Ukraine, other post-Soviet and less commonly former Eastern Bloc cities.

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We have prepared everything you need for the most comfortable and most natural holiday.

In our ecological farm, we transform everything with the “0” waste principle. We share the joy and peace of being a big family with our dear friends and children.

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